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Our Partners:
Authority working in partnership with regional and global authorities as following ..
1. Ministry of Water Resources - Libya -
2. Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Marine - Libya -
3. General Authority of Water - Libya -
4. Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation - Egypt -
5. National Center for Water Research - Egypt NWRC
6. Ministry of Water Resources and Electricity - Sudan -
7. Technical staff of the Water Resources - Sudan -
8. Ministry of Water Resources - Chad -
9. African Ministers' Council on Water AMCOW
10. United Nations Development Programme UNDP
11. International Atomic Energy Agency IAEA
12. World Water Council WWC
13. Arabic Water Council AWC
14. The European Union Water Initiative EUWI
15. The Center for Environment and Development for the Arab Region and Europe CEDARE
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Ministry of Water.. - Libya AMCOW
Ministry of Agricul.. - Libya UNDP
General Authority.. - Libya IAEA
Ministry of Water.. - Egypt WWC
National Center..- Egypt AWC
Ministry of Water.. - Sudan EUWI
Technical staff.. - Sudan CEDARE
Ministry of Water.. - Chad UNESCO