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About Authority
The Authority has been established to carry out the following objectives:
  1. Study, development and investment of water resources in the Nubian Sandstone Aquifer System and strengthen the regional corporation between member states.
  2. Protection and maintenance thereof and nationalizing their use and harnessing them for searing the overall economic and social development.
  3. Development in the participant countries and the formulation of a regional strategic action plan for the sustainable utilization of the Nubian Sandstone Aquifer System and create a rule for the formulation of a regional development strategy.
  4. Assist in the capacity – building of the national institutions in the member countries.
Function of the Authority:
The Authority shall undertake the following tasks:
  1. Collection of all information, data and results of studies conducted by relevant countries. Classifying, analyzing, correlating, studying, and evaluating the results.
  2. Prepare and execute all complementary studies required for determination of complete hydro-geological characteristics of this Aquifer from both quantity and quality point of view.
  3. Develop mechanisms and plans for the utilization of water and propose a common policy for development and utilization of water resources, at the national and on the regional level.
  4. Management of this aquifer on scientific basis.
  5. Establishing cooperation ways in the field of training and habitation activities related to water resources.
  6. Study the environmental aspects of underground aquifer development and control of desertification and uses of new and renewable energy.
  7. Organize seminars and publish information on this aquifer and to establish close relation with the relevant regional and international organizations and institutions.
  8. Establish an online network database and auto data transfer between the four countries.
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