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News Title 19/05/2019
The participation of the scientific conference held in Hammamet ,Tunisia, during the period 28 - 30 March 2019, entitled "APPLIED GEOSCIENCE FOR GROUNDWATER" AGIC2019. In this event more than 100 participants from 15 countries, have successfully addressed current and future challenges in GROUNDWATER with four keynote and more than 80 interesting oral and poster presentations. The successful NSAS-JA contribution in this event was presented by hydrogeologist Abdalraheem Huwaysh, the Executive Director of the Joint Authority as an oral presentation, entitled " Development and Calibration of Transient Groundwater Flow Model for Al Kufrah Region, Southeast Libya"
News Title 14/09/2017
Exceptional meeting of the Boaed at Khartoum Sudan 8-9 September 2017
News Title 02/08/2015
The 16th Board meeting has been held in Cario on 27-29 July 2015
News Title 01/03/2015
The arrangements are on going to held the 16th Board meeting in Cairo Egypt next November
News Title 09/10/2014
Dr. Nahed Alarabi Member of the Board and Egypt coordinator has been assigned as Vic Chair of the National research Center _Egypt Congratulation for her new assignment Executive director
News Title 03/02/2014
The 15th board meeting has been held on 25-26 February 2014 in Ndjamena Chad.
News Title 19/08/2013
at Khartoum14th Board meeting talk place on 14 to 15 Aug. 2013 sudan
News Title 27/03/2013
national water conference in Tripoli Libya 5-7 November 2013 Please visit the website; or send an email to: libwatcon2013@gmail.com www. libwatcon2013.com
News Title 19/11/2012
Changes in the Egypt member of the board as follow: dr. Mohamed abdul motallab Dr.Akram Mohamed Fekri dr. Nahed alarabi
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